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Nagarjuna Management Services
Nagarjuna Management Services

Nagarjuna Management Services (NMS) is a strategic business unit of NFCL. NMS offers its expertise on a long-term basis for the management of chemical process plants, especially to ammonia and urea complexes worldwide.

The team of professionals managing the Fertilizer Plant have acquired wide and rich experience in smooth operation, troubleshooting and emergency handling. Engineers and Operators have provided maintenance services to fertilizer plants in Libya, Venezuela and the Middle East at the request of Process Licensors.

NMS offers services for taking over total responsibility of operation and maintenance (O & M) and other specialist services on long-term basis. NMS aims at fullest satisfaction of client in achieving pre-agreed targets on performance parameters. A comprehensive package of services include pre-commissioning, commissioning, guarantee run, normal operation, maintenance (routine as well as turnaround), inspection and condition monitoring, environment and safety services, laboratory and quality assurance, purchase and stores, process engineering and general engineering. In addition to O&M, NMS can take-up total project management services too, during project phase.

NMS also provides class room as well as field training to clients’ personnel for developing competencies and enhancing skills in plant services. This would enable the clients’ team taking over the operations subsequently at an appropriate time. For the provision of the services, NMS is backed by our business partners who are well known names in their respective fields.
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